Why do babies really cry!

Published September 9, 2014 by fab2flair

I know that question has been answered a million times. It’s either they are wet, hungry,sleepy or hot. So when you have eliminated all the above and they are still crying, you get that feeling that they just want to be carried.
My boy seems to be getting everyone to jump when he cries,and even if it’s because he wants to be rocked to sleep,why does he wake up as soon as you put him in bed. I need to figure out what to do and fast. The self soothing technique doesn’t seem to be working.
Everyone says babies go through different stages and so you need to deal with them as they come. I can’t really remember what went on with the two kids before baby because it’s been ages. My son is 15 and daughter is 11. It’s back to baby training school again.
Are there effective ways to put babies to sleep during the day, so that you can at least have a few hours to yourself? But he looks so cute when he is asleep.
I need to take a picture of him crying, I have been deceived into thinking that babies are always cooing and smiling especially from images I got from seeing my nephew’s pictures when he was a baby.
Typing with him on my laps,at least I am multitasking! Lol.


Old Mum, New Baby

Published September 9, 2014 by fab2flair

Wow, haven’t blogged in a while. I just realized that you don’t feel like doing much when you are pregnant. I couldn’t even finish reading the lovely books I had piled up to keep me busy. Hopefully, things will be back to normal soon.
I had my baby in July and it’s quite interesting caring for a baby as my last child was 11years in May. Feels very strange having to sit down quietly on one spot holding the baby as you rock him to sleep.
I need to take my blogging more seriously, it’s really a fantastic way to learn and also teach/ pass on information especially from experience.
Let me put my thoughts together and decide what I want to really blog about. I love fashion and would like to present that more aggressively, there is just the little problem of taking regular pictures.
Here’s to brainstorming for the next few weeks.


Virgin Atlantic and First Aid!

Published April 4, 2014 by fab2flair

Today is write on all I have missed day! Lol. In January, on the 7th to be precise, I was on a Virgin Atlantic flight back to Lagos from Heathrow. We didn’t take off in time because apparently, they were waiting for the flight from New York . The plane took off after midnight. I haven’t been on Virgin for a while and was my second time in the premium economy section, nothing fantastic to be honest. The leg room isn’t that great. It’s official! I don’t like plane food, going forward, I will have to think of how to sort that issue out. It’s not healthy and most times not tasty! Going forward, I will start doing plane/ flight reviews whenever I am embarking on a journey.

At some point doing the flight, I heard a commotion, apparently a man had gotten up probably to stretch his legs or use the bathroom, my own thoughts. He kind of crumpled back into his seat, he was having a mild stroke from the looks of it. I started watching what was going on. Trust Nigerians , the panic started, some started praying, some got up from their seats, most times it looks like it’s to help, but it’s just always to crowd the poor victim and suck out what little air the person has around him/ her and look, so that you can say you saw what happened live and direct. Our amebo( penchant for gossip) is something else.

The flight attendants went to get an oxygen mask, apparently that’s what they do for First aid. There was a doctor on board , don’t know if he was useful. I am a doctor’s wife, do I count or does my opinion count , lol! I noticed someone checking his pulse, don’t know if his blood pressure was checked. The flight attendants were still on the oxygen mask thing, I don’t know much about stroke except that my Dad had one on his way to America with my Mum,in Amsterdam, while they were waiting for their connecting flight, he tried to get up and he couldn’t. I still haven’t done any in-depth research on stroke, but I know that you are meant to take an aspirin before you travel, don’t know what it does! I think it’s to thin the blood or help with circulation. I am not too sure, so don’t take my word for it.
I got up at this point, because I was annoyed that all I could see was still the oxygen mask, I went to the flight attendant and suggested aspirin, that at least they should look for someone on the flight that had aspirin and give it to the man, but it might help. Don’t know why I felt so strongly about it. She gave me a look and said they were handling it and that they were only suppose to give oxygen.
She wasn’t rude, but I could tell she didn’t appreciate my coming up to her, but I didn’t care! I wasn’t impressed with her attitude at all. I even threatened to write a complaint when we landed. See me wanting to drink Panadol for someone else’s headache. I didn’t go that route at all. At this point , I saw my friend’s husband who was on the same flight with his family and seemed to be helping. I walked up to him, suggested aspirin once again, went back to my seat and continued my movie. Afterall, what was my own, I just prayed that the man wouldn’t come to worse harm.
I don’t know why at some point I asked myself that if the people in premium got just an oxygen mask, did the people in 1st class get the same treatment or was there a special first aid treatment for them. Not meaning to be cruel , but we all know that when a plane crashes , it kills everyone from 1st class to economy, plane crashes are no respecter of class or persons.
I was worried and then I realised that for every journey we undertake , we must commit it to GOD, and not the plane or how good the pilot is. That Virgin Atlantic flight taught me that.
I truly hope that they have done something to improve their First aid procedures , but considering the fact that it’s the Nigerian route, I will keep my fingers crossed. May GOD continue to grant us journey mercies .
All opinions are mine, based on what I witnessed in the early hours of that flight, I am not a doctor, but I wasn’t impressed at what I saw that day. Does every single Virgin Atlantic flight attendant go through a certified First Aid course. Just asking!!!!


Windy in Bicester

Published April 4, 2014 by fab2flair

I was in Bicester Village for the Chrismas/ New Year. I didn’t like the weather, in fact I have never been a fan of UK weather, so I am still wondering why I travelled during that period. I needed the break away from Lagos , good enough reason!

It rained quite a lot and was windy at times. This is where my story begins. I had gone to the outlet to buy shirts for my husband from a shop that was having quite a nice deal. I have his measurements, so I picked a few shirts that were suppose to be size 16.5. I still can’t explain it , but I had to go into that shop to change his shirts like 5 times, I kept mixing up the sizes, that has never happened to me. I wasn’t happy I had to keep walking back and forth. I should have been happy about the exercise but when the short cut you take is usually slippery and muddy, you want to be careful and pray you don’t fall. I also travelled with the wrong type of shoes , but as I don’t travel during winter , I absolutely refused to buy boots.
This particular morning, I was repacking my suitcase and doing an inventory, when I found out that once again, I didn’t get the right shirt size, it was drizzling, but I decided to brave the weather swearing that this was the last time, I would make that journey , so I put all the shirts into the shop’s bag that was made of paper and set out again with the receipt in the bag .

Halfway, the bag gave way and all the shirts fell out, and then the receipt fell out and just flew away, so the shirts were on the floor and my receipt which I would need for an exchange was flying across a field. I left the shirts on the floor and started running after the receipt , all the while praying that I wouldn’t fall on the wet grass. I felt like crying. Imagine you are passing by, and you see a woman in a jacket with her head covered running across a grassy field after something that looks like a piece of paper. Funny sight! I finally caught up with the receipt (because it was a do or die thing as in imagine all the story if you don’t go back with the receipt and going back to Nigera with wrong shirts),and went back to the shirts. I managed to clean them and tucked all the five shirts into my jacket. I looked weird and I was going into a designer outlet, let’s just say that I was glad no one knew me.

I got into the shop with the wet and torn receipt , brought the shirts out from under my jacket looking frustrated and tired, the guy that attended to me was extremely nice, I went over the shirts like an FBI agent this time, doubled the bags and had them taped and walked back home with a sigh of relief muttering to myself the things I do for love! But thankfully that was my last trip there.

I still laugh when I remember that day! It wasn’t funny though,


1st quarter 2014!

Published April 4, 2014 by fab2flair

I hope it’s not too late to say Happy New Year! So much has happened that has made it a bit difficult for me to blog. I still don’t know what direction I want my blog to go. I want to mix random musings/ writing with fashion. Still not sure if I am going about it the right way, but hey I am not in any rush.
Taking pictures is a bit challenging for now,as I don’t have a regular person that can do that for me, and I want to buy an awesome camera! I will just be patient.

What’s new in my life. A new life. Looking forward to it. It’s been ages, my daughter, don’t like to call her baby is going to be 11 next month, so you get what I mean. The first few months were like been tossed around in the sea, nausea is a horrible inconvenience I still don’t know why women have to go through it. It was a huge relief to get some time off to go and hibernate with a friend away from people, but I don’t think the best time to travel to the UK is in December/ January . The weather sucks big time, and the sales weren’t impressive at all. It was a bit difficult shopping for my 14 yr old son. NEXT wasn’t having any sales, was so disappointed! Couldn’t explore that much as well, so maybe that was why. I was in Bicester Village and had to go to the shopping mall at Oxford to buy all I needed. Bicester had a few good deals as usual. Not a bad place to go to especially if you have enough cash, so that the shopping is worth it. It rained quite a lot and was windy as well. Will tell you a short story in the next post.
But I am thankful for my family, they have been a blessing, even though the kids still haven’t gotten used to the fact that ‘super mom’ is on leave for now! Chores don’t kill!

The weather in Lagos is extremely hot, hats off to people who have to make a living under the sun, especially women. I know how that feels.
Sizing up when you are pregnant is a myth! I am a UK 14 and I decided to buy a size 16 dress, it fits a bit around the tummy, but the upper part is loose, so it makes more sense to buy maternity clothes in your size, just make sure that you choose styles you can still rock even after birth. I have only had to buy maternity jeans, I am still able to wear a few clothes, so I am not worrying about looking nice which is a huge relief. I don’t know how women can wear 6 inch heels when they are carrying a bump. Kudos to them, I say comfort over fashion anytime. Flats it is for now, or should I say slippers. I can’t be bothered to suffer for fashion.
I am glad I can even write today, most times I feel drained, tired and sleepy! But hey all for an exciting reason. It’s at times like this I wish I had a ‘ride or die’ female friend, there are times I need stuff, that my husband obviously can’t get for me! Oh well.

Wishing everyone a great weekend. Rest, put your feet up and just relax. Life in general is so hectic, major issue at my end seems to be the traffic. May GOD help us all.


I just realised that I am a meddler!

Published April 4, 2014 by fab2flair

This morning started off as usual with me reading all the different devotionals I subscribe to, I have come to realise that when I need answers to certain questions, GOD always speaks to me through books and words.
Lynn Cowell in her article ‘I am a Meddler’ describes meddling according to Dictionary.com this way- to involve oneself in a matter without right or invitation;interfere officiously and unwantedly.
Quoting her thus ” Without right or invitation. That’s what I do. Seeing an unhappy,unhealthy or unholy situation, I listen to the whisper in my head. Since I see it, I think I am instructed to do something about it”.

I got the shock of my life a few Sundays ago in church, when in trying to avert a mistake a ‘young friend’ would have made, I rushed to her side to let her know that the method she wanted to use to pass a message across to someone older than her would backfire. Thinking that I had done what my heart felt was right, I was shocked to my marrow when she said ‘ thank you for the loud correction’. I felt stupid for even saying anything to her, as I walked back slowly into church.
When I told my husband, he told me that if I had minded my business, that wouldn’t have happened, I felt that was a horrible thing to say, after all aren’t we all Christians and meant to help each other. This was further followed by a very rude text message and phone call from her. I fumed for a long time. I was extremely angry and thought of all the horrible things I could say to her just to teach her a lesson. Afterall I said to myself, I should have let her put her foot in her mouth and she would learn from her mistake. Thankfully I have calmed down and can’t even be bothered anymore.
What lessons have I learnt since that day! I will mind my business, even when I am itching to meddle. The bible says in the book of proverbs that you grab a mad dog by the ears when you butt into a quarrel that’s none of your business (MSG 26:17). I always felt that minding your business was a bad thing to do as a Christian, but if you have your own battles you haven’t even finished sorting out, why poke your nose into another’s, even when your heart is in the right place! Some things might feel right because we are human, but GOD might not have signed off on that particular quest! I hope I am not getting it twisted.
Meddling backfires big time, I wonder why I still haven’t learnt my lesson, but I am glad to say that incident was the final straw for me. I will continue to be a Christian who strives daily to walk with the LORD, but with wisdom!

Skirt it right

Published December 4, 2013 by fab2flair
Skirt it right

Skirt it right by ngozingi featuring a short red skirt

Pierre Balmain belted mini skirt
$780 – theoutnet.com

T By Alexander Wang knee length leather skirt
$1,025 – brownsfashion.com

Kookai short red skirt
$215 – zalando.co.uk

Quilted leather skirt
$82 – pret-a-beaute.com

Pull Bear mini skirt
$38 – pullandbear.com

Faux leather circle skirt

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